House Rules



1 Introduction
To make the event as safe as possible, the organisation has drawn up house rules. Upon entering the event location, the visitor automatically agrees with these house rules. Violation of the house rules can result in removal from the event location. The event location means the location that is included in the permit application for the event and is known to the Municipality of Leeuwarden. Where these regulations refer to visitors, they also apply to participants in the event.

2. Access
Minimum age
8+. Persons younger than 12 years must be accompanied by a person of 16 years or older.
At the request of an employee (of the organisation) a valid proof of identity must be shown. If no valid identification can be shown, the employee can deny the visitor access to the event. A valid proof of identity means: a passport, identity card or driver's licence. Copies of this are not accepted.
Access control
Every visitor can be checked by an employee (from the organisation) when entering the event location. The aforementioned check means, among other things, a search of the visitor and a bag check. It is permissible to request that a same-sex employee performs the check. Total refusal to be checked means that access will be denied. This check is a general safety check aimed at protecting all visitors, guests, employees and artists.


3. Follow up instructions and instructions
Visitors are obliged to adhere to the rules of the organisation. Instructions and instructions from employees (of the organisation) must be followed immediately. Should an offence which is forbidden at the event be suspected, employees (of the organisation) may search. Refusal to be checked means that access to the event will be denied.

4. Alcohol and drugs
It is forbidden to enter the event location under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. If this is found, access will be denied. It is forbidden to participate in one of the activities of the event under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. It is forbidden to use and / or possess drugs at the event location / or to deal. Should such an offence be confirmed, an employee (from the organisation) may immediately remove the visitor in question from the event location and they will be transferred to the police.
It si also forbidden to leave the event area with alcoholic drinks. Upon leaving the area, you are kindly requested to finish up your drink or hand it over to en employee (of the organisation).


5. Denial of access
It is forbidden to enter the event location with the following: soft drugs, hard drugs, alcoholic beverages, glassware, plastic (bottles), cans, knives, firing or punching weapons or other objects that can be used as a weapon, including personal safety devices which could adversely affect the health or well-being of visitors, spray cans, sprayers, fireworks, liquids, flares, means of transport (other than wheelchairs, zimmer-frames or walkers), professional video, audio recording and photo equipment (this does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with a camera / photo function) as well as (pets) animals, banners and objects with discriminating and / or provocative texts and / or expressions. Due to the loud nature of the event, guide dogs are also forbidden.

6. Storage of personal items
We do not offer storage other than the regular cloakroom service. The organisation therefore advises you not to bring any valuables to the event.

7. Theft and loss
The organisation cannot be held liable for theft, destruction and / or loss of property of visitors and participants. The organisation therefore advises you not to bring any valuables to the event.

8. Objects and objects
It is not permitted to take objects and / or objects from the event location outside the event location. In the event of damage to these objects, the visitor is liable for the repair and replacement costs.

9. Lost property
Lost property must be returned to the production office at the location.

10. First aid
There is a first aid post at the event location. Any necessary first aid will be provided here during the event.

11. Excess
Entering the event location is at your own risk. The organisation or the employees who are actively working for the organisation cannot be held liable for any injury and / or material damage or immaterial damage that the visitor (s) of the location and / or the event might experience.


12. Other situations

In situations not specifically covered here in the house rules, the organisation will decide on the possible measures to be taken. The organisation's decision in this regard is binding. Every visitor and participant is deemed to have informed themselves about the house rules.

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