Fuerza Bruta Festival Programme

The evening is not just the Fuerza Bruta show,

but also a whole evening's entertainment!

Three bands and much more!


When you step into the factory, you are

immediately in the middle of an art and film

installation inspired by the Fuerza Bruta show and

the industrial atmosphere of the location.

You walk into a new world: the installations aredesigned by young and emerging artists. Film makers Mark Buitenwerf, Jurgen Bakker and Jos Blomsma, and artists Jimi Kleinbruinink, Eirik Jahnsen and Vlaplif.

They have created this gateway to the world of Fuerza Bruta.


 The doors open 1.5 hours before the first show and close again after the second show. Between the shows and after the second late show, your energy level is reinvigorated by local bands. This programme is compiled by Podium Asteriks. The live music sounds late into the night, with Klankveld (from Groningen) and The Resurrection and Hilbrandt (from Leeuwarden).


We guarantee a treat for the whole family. Take your friends, neighbours or colleagues with you. Enjoy an unparalleled Christmas outing. An evening you won't forget... We promise! Expect the unexpected. Be prepared for Fuerza Bruta!


The Festival Programme is specially curated by a local art initiative

VHDG, film platform New Noardic Wave and Podium Asteriks.

Main sponsor
and partners