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Who are Fuerza Bruta?
Fuerza Bruta is the name of this world-famous and uniquely special Argentinian company. Fuerza Bruta has played in cities such as London, Berlin, New York, Soeul, Macau, Las Vegas. And this December in Leeuwarden. With a side programme - NieuweFuzie - from young filmmakers and artists from the region, and three bands - food trucks and bars. Without you we can't put on this event!

Where and when are the performances?
The event takes place at the Mannen van Stall, on the outskirts of the city. The performance is in a megatent and NieuweFuzie in the factory.
There are 22 shows between 5th and 19th December, mostly two per evening (Wednesday - Saturday incl. at 19.00 en 22.15 / Sundays at 16.00 and 19.00 & Tuesdays at 19.00)

What can you expect?
Be involved in the biggest international event this year in Leeuwarden! Play an important and valued role in the smooth running of the event - helping the public, guarding the artworks, and enjoying the venue's unique atmosphere. They are long evenings - from 17.00 until around 00.30. But we will bear in mind the times of the last trains and buses so you can get home.

What will you receive?
Volunteers will receive a free ticket to the show. Also a Fuerza Bruta t-shirt, earplugs and dinner in the catering tent. There is a minibus from Leeuwarden station to Mannen van Staal and back at the end of the evening. Unfortunately there is no payment or reimbursement of travel costs, but the minibus is free.

You must be 18+ and attend the rehearsal (4th December) and then 4 performance evenings so that we can avoid having a new team every evening. Please note that the event involves very loud music and flashing lights.

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